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06:56pm 04/03/2010
mood: loved
Just letting everyone know, Jarred is the best boyfriend in the entire world.. EVER :)
road kill   
06:45pm 04/10/2009
mood: distressed
I finally hit something with my car. I killed a cat. It's kind of funny because about 2 weeks ago I was talking about how I have never hit anything while driving.. and now I have.

It was sitting in the middle of the other side of the road on aroona road, and then at the last second decided to run in front of my car. I felt the thud and the tyres squeal. I stopped 2 houses down when I realised what had happened, and then wasn't sure if I wanted to go back. I did a u-turn and went back and could see the cat flipping around with its back legs, it was obvious then that I had ran over its head. When noticing that it was still alive, I didn't know whether I was supposed to run over it again to kill it properly but I couldn't do it. I was too scared. So I did another u-turn and parked in front of it so no other cars would come along and hit it again. By that time it had died. Monique and Caitlin came to help me move it, they brought a towel which we used to pick it up and move it to the side of the road. Caitlin was the one to move it though because Monique and I were too chicken to do it. The cat looked disgusting, its face was all squashed and its eye was kind of hanging out of its face.

Luckily my car didn't have any blood or fur on it, that would have been gross.
Epic Week   
07:45pm 27/09/2009
mood: cheerful
Last night I spoke to Jarred, and finally asked him "what am I to you?" because we had never discussed what our relationship was, and we talked and I am happy to say that I now can call him my boyfriend and he can call me his girlfriend. Knowing where I stand with him really does help me feel more comfortable. It helps me feel more relaxed and I do have more faith in him now, because I know he wants to be with me.

This week has been a good week. On Monday I bought an Ipod Nano 5G online from the Apple Store. I got a red 16GB version, with a free engraving on the back saying:

Peta Hayden
Most Epic

Lol, I really really like the ipod. I can pause the radio on it! It also has a video recorder which actually produces fairly good video quality, considering. Also on Thursday I received a $200 cheque in the mail for the flu vaccine trial I did in March earlier this year. So that almost paid for the ipod, the ipod was $249. Now I just have to buy a cover for it so I don't scratch the screen or get it damaged.

Today was interesting, because I am now 21, I can be the supervisor for Monique learning to drive. They changed the rules a couple years back where you have to have a full licence for 2 years to be a learner-supervisor. So Monique was driving me and Krysten around in Krysten's car for an hour through Lonsdale to Morphett Vale. Then she drove us back from Morphett Vale to her house in the dark. She is good considering she hasn't driven since the beginning of this year in February and had only had 5 hours of driving lessons.

Jarred is getting his tonsils removed on Tuesday. He is staying in hospital over night, and apparently it will be worse than getting wisdom teeth removed, so he will be bad for about a week or two. I'm working Monday-Thursday this week, and because I finish so late I won't be seeing him at night all week. I won't see him at all on Tuesday or Wednesday because he will be in the hospital and be in a bad state when he gets home. So I will have to wait til Thursday to see him and see how he is going, I may have to wait til Friday because I remember when I got my wisdom teeth removed I didn't eat for days, so I was just dirty and deathly-feeling. haha. So he may not want to see me then.

I have to go over Jarred's house some time tonight to pick up my belongings, because I was there last night but I got dropped off at marion when he went to work this afternoon. I want to stay over there tonight because tonight/tomorrow will be the only time I can see him til probably Friday. He wa meant to finish work at 6pm today, he may have finished earlier but I haven't spoken to him yet. I thought I would wait a while before asking if I can come over, and see if he wants to watch one of the movies I brought there, seeing as we didn't watch them last night because we were at his friends house. So I will wait about another hour before I ask if I can see him :) I'm hoping he wants me to stay over tonight. That would be epic. haha.
21st Celebrations   
05:41pm 17/09/2009
mood: hopeful
I know Jarred does like me, we hang out often and it's fun. I like hanging out with him. He came to my birthday dinner in the city, and I had family at that dinner too. I was scared to invite him at first, but when I did he said yes straight away. I was expecting hesitation. That made me happy, he said he was waiting for me to invite him, because he had heard me talk about the dinner on previous occasions without actually asking him. We went out into the city after dinner with a Tom, Nathan and Monique. It was fun, we went to Tequila Rea for a tequila slammer each. haha. Then we went to Hotel Richmond which was really fancy. After that we went to Winstons for my free $50 drink voucher for my birthday :) so we all had a jagerbomb each. We also went to Shotz too which is always good. We all had a "Quick Fuck" shooter hahahaha. I stayed at Jarreds house that night. I'm surprised how much I drank that night without feeling sick :) I was very drunk though. It was a great night.

On the Sunday, waking up at Jarreds house. He invited me to his brothers bbq/birthday thing at his brothers house. His brothers birthday is the 15th of Sept 87. I didn't expect him to invite me but he did and I went. It made me happy :). Jarreds dad hugged me at the bbq, which was sweet. He said that that's what they do in their family, and if I don't give hugs, they will be taken. hahah. His dad is nice.

So my birthday was on Monday, I didn't have my car all that day or the weekend though, it was getting repaired and serviced. It needed a new waterpump, luckily it was still under warranty for another few weeks. I got a new PS3 Slim from dad for my birthday which is awesome.

I've been feeling ill all week though, I think I may have got food poisoning at some point. My stomach has been killing me for days, today its starting to die down though, I managed to eat a pretzel from Pretzel Mania without my stomach hurting. But I still feel bloated and not hungry. I ate almost nothing yesterday because the thought of eating anything just rips my stomach up. I'm surprised I could run on such little food, I ate half a Hungry Jacks cheeseburger, half a packet of regular fries, small coke, a handful of peanuts, half a can of V and a energy shot drink. Thats probably why I feel tired today. This is probably the worst kind of sick I could be, because not eating food is REALLY bad for me considering I need to gain weight. I'm afraid to check how much I weigh now. I'm trying to remember to keep drinking water to hopefully flush out this sickness. I also have a urinary tract infection which is sooo annoying to have at the same time.

Anyway, I'm going over Jarred's house tonight :) I don't know exactly what time, he's terrible at pinpointing times. From the messages I've sent and received I'm confused to whether he is only getting home at 7:30, or if I'm allowed to go to his house at 7:30. Anyway, I'll call him around 7 and find out for certain. Text messages just get confusing and lost in translation.

I only started messaging him so early about tonight, because Monique told me that Kerry is seeing him "probably all tonight" were kerry's words. I wish she would just die or something, she is so annoying. She calls me and Jarred names on facebook all the time and bitches about him to everyone. I have no idea why he wants to be friends with her. She's a ugly short fat bitch. It's really hard not to respond to her bitchy comments that she writes on facebook, or her constant lies about her and jarred. I can see right through it, but it still gets to me. I know I shouldn't respond to her nasty comments, but its really starting to get to me, I don't know how much longer I can ignore it. Venting my anger on here is probably better than blowing up at her. I don't want to look weak or as pathetic as her and bitch back.

Anyway, when I get to Jarred's house tonight, I'll ask him if he saw her, and I'll try to talk to him about it. I have trouble talking to him. I have trouble doing alot of things near him, haha. He makes me shy.

Well I should stop writing for now, so I can relax and get ready.
work and play   
11:28am 28/08/2009
mood: anxious
I've been seeing the guy from work a bit more often. His name is Jarred. He has told me more than once that he is a different type of guy and that he isn't rushing into anything. However that was a few weeks ago, and last weekend we slept together. On friday night, and the sunday night. I saw him on wednesday during the day. And we just hung out like normal, but before I went home, I asked him what we were doing, like with us. His response was almost the worst it could get, but not quite. His reply was " I dont know". ha. How can someone NOT KNOW what they are doing. I told him he needs to think about it, because I need to know. I know he does like me, I can tell from what he says, what his friend harley has told me, and just how he acts when we are together. Kind of, actually when we hang out, there is something wrong about that. He isn't a touchy feely person, so sometimes that makes me think that he doesn't actually like me. But I know from the little things he says that he does like me.

He has a best friend that is a girl names Kerry though. And she is inlove with him, but he says he doesn't feel that way for her. But the problem is that she is trying to get him to back away from me because she doesn't want anyone else with him but herself. So it's a really difficult situation, because he is going to have to stop seeing her if he ever wants a normal relationship with someone. Then that makes me think, that maybe he doesn't want a normal relationship with anyone, maybe he is happy to just know that she is there with him without him having to commit to anything. Which is really disappointing, and kind of sad for him and her really. I know for a fact, that I am not going to wait around for nothing. He has to think about us soon, and let me know what he's decided. Because I will not wait for him forever, like Kerry is. I will not be that pathetic ever, for anyone. It's just not me. If he decides that we aren't going to be together, I will move on. It will be very difficult though, because I work with him. If he stops seeing me, I will not quit my job because of him. So I will have to learn to see him at work all the time with all this in my mind. But, that's what you get for getting involved with someone at work I guess.

I went out to S-bar last night at marion, the new shenanigans. I asked him if he was going to go there at all, but he said he had lots of homework to do, which is fair enough because I know he has lots of homework. But I found out that Kerry went over to his house last night to "talk about how she feels, and to make sure he doesn't go to marion". So she went there to make sure he wouldn't go see me. It really really angered me when I found out that. So I text messaged him spitefully. I knew before I wrote it that I probably shouldn't have said anything because it's up to him what he does with his life. I just have to see if it's what I want to put up with or not. But I wrote the message anyway, I felt I had nothing to lose, seeing as she already won for the night. I'll write the messages in order here:

Me: I didn't realise your studying included kerry coming over your house
Jarred: Nor did i. Im not one to turn people away.
Me: Does that mean i can see you later on? Seeing as you can't say no
Jarred: Tonights not a good night. I got some stuff i need to sort.
Me: So it is only her that you can't say no to. Nice.. (a flat annoyed looking smiley face)
Jarred: I cant explain it. its a family thing.

Kerry will use any excuse to see him, and to make sure he doesn't see me. I don't know what to do. I know he has this afternoon free because he finishes tafe around midday. But I don't really want to have to message him. Its always me messaging him to ask to do something. I mean, he has messaged me before a few times, but I feel like its mostly me trying to push this, and thats not right. I don't know if I should be the one to message though because of the messages last night. I don't know who is in the wrong, so i don't know who should message first. Maybe no one is in the wrong, but still, I want him to want to see me. So I want him to be the one to message me. I am working tonight though, and he will be there. So I will feel awkward if I don't speak to him before work at all.
heartbreak and loneliness   
09:55pm 09/08/2009
  Well not much has happened at all since last entry, and that was over a year ago. I recently broke up with James, I just don't have feelings for him anymore. But this is the scariest thing I have ever done. I was with James for 2 and a half years, he lived at my house for a large part of that too. And now I'm alone.

I met a guy from my work which I have developed an interest in, however tonight he explained that he only wants to be friends with me for now and we'll see how it goes. I have to admit though, I cannot be just friends with him.

This person is a completely different person to what I originally thought. I thought he was a typical guy that got with lots of girls. But I was so wrong. And I couldn't be happier about that. What I thought was just a guy, has turned out to be possibly the best person I have ever met. He told me he doesn't want to be just "a guy" he wants to be "the guy". And I would love for that to be true. But he isn't ready to find out, he doesn't want to be my guy at the moment.. if ever. I just wish there was something I could do to make him want to be with me now.
so far in 2008..   
03:50pm 06/06/2008
mood: pessimistic
Okay first I'll start wil a conclusion on 2007..
I started going out with James from Hallett Cove School. We've been together since Rebecca's mum's birthday party, which was sometime in May. I am still going out with him now.
I completed Year 12 at Hamilton Secondary College. I got my SACE but didn't do the right subjects to get a TER.. which I didn't want or need anyway.

Oh, Grandma died on Christmas Eve. That was very sudden and a shock to us all.

... Well, that was pretty much it for 2007, not all that exciting.

Now for this year. Oh my.
I sold my Falcon, I just randomly decided to do it and it was sold within the fortnight. That was back in February I think. I purchased a 1989 Toyota Celica SX White Lightning that same week so I wasn't out of a car. I still have it now, it is an awesome car, but I have had so much trouble with it, it is not funny.

2 months after buying it, the head gasket decided to root itself. So I got it so-called "repaired" by Mec Tec Performance in Seaford.. BIG mistake. First of, they didn't adjust the engine timing properly, so when I drove it home it was like driving a remote control car with an elephant on top of it. I had so much hassle just to get them to fix it properly, like it should have been straight off. Then within a few days of getting it back properly.. the car starts overheating and just being shit. I took to a different mechanic to find out the problem, as I wouldn't trust Mec-Tec for anything. I find out that the head gasket is rooted.. HMM. Coincidence, I think not! I've contacted the Motor Taders Association (MTA), as Mec-Tec is a member of them, and they are currently in the process of finding out if I do have any claim againt Mec-Tec. It is absolute BULLSHIT if they say I don't have claim. It cost me $1100 to get Mec-Tec to "repair" it, so I am hoping for my money back, or for them to pay for someone else to do it. They are biggest bullshitters I've ever met, and I know if they were to "fix" my car again they would purposely fuck something else up.

I am currently out of a job, which is not good given the current situation with my car, as I cannot afford to get it repaired if the MTA cannot help me.

If I can get a refund from Mec-Tec, I am thinking of buying a re-conditioned engine instead of having this one repaired again. I got a quote today, a reconditioned engine would set me back $2050, and an extra $750 for it to be installed.

I am getting $1000 from my mum today, from grandma's money, so I might be able to afford the engine.

Anyway, that's enough talk for now. I am going to go watch tv.
07:07pm 06/04/2007

I'm bored.
It's Good Friday but I have nothing to do, and no one is home. Ian's down for the holiday so thats cool. We're going to Hog's Breath Cafe tomorrow night for dinner.
Bah, anyway school's been going fine, beside Complex Numbers, that was gay.
04:13pm 03/03/2007
  SO much has happened since my last journal.

I quit my job!! They were going to fire me if I went to Clipsal on friday instead of work, so I decided to quit first. I was going to quit anyway, but not so soon. I haven't started getting centrelink money yet, so I'm poor for another week or so. Like really poor, I only have i think $50 altogether to last that long. and petrol's a killer.

So, I went to the Clipsal 500 on Thursday :D It was fun. We went to a pub at about 11am though, and hadn't eaten breakfast so we all got kinda drunk by midday :P And it was SO hot so I felt ill. We didn't stay for the bands, but we ate dinner at Caffe Primo which was yummy.

Yesterday, my dad decided to go spearfishing down at Sellicks Beach. I was going to go snorkelling with him, but wasn't ready early enough. So me and Jo went down there about an hour later. We dragged Krysten along with us. It took us a long time to get there, and then we had to blow up my giant inflatable thong! It filled up the car and was very difficult to see while driving from Mobil to the beach. It was fun, the thong is heaps good as a raft, I went out heaps deep. But that kinda freaked me out coz if it broke I would probably drown. Euan met us down at the beach, he splashed me heaps which was mean :P
BUT, we didn't stay in the water long. When we got out and was going to get food for lunch.. a joint effort of me and Jo.. we locked the car keys in the boot!! All I had on me that wasn't in the boot was my sombrero and a dirty car towel from the backseat of my car. I was in my bathers so it was awkward walking around. We couldn't get any phone reception down at the beach, but we did a bit later on. Luckily, Euan was with us and is nice :) we went with him when he dropped his sister off at Noarlunga, so we got my dad (who was home by then) to meet us there with my spare keys. So Jo bought us a pizza to all share for lunch/dinner. Then we headed back to Sellicks Beach to get my car. After we got my car, we went to Euan's for the very last minute of Bold & The Beautiful. We bummed around there for about an hour, then headed home. I found out that it was Euan's birthday a few weeks ago!
It was perfect weather for the beach, it was about 40 degrees and the sea was dead flat and clear.
02:33pm 15/02/2007
mood: crazy
I was just reading Jo's livejournal and it mentioned an egg.. which reminded me, I had water boiling!!! for like over half an hour, luckily there was still a tiny bit of water left in the pot when I got to it.
Also, relating to Jo's entry, I can't wait til she's 18 either!! coz then we can go out and dance really BADLY to Dance Hall by Modest Mouse. It's the best song ever, well equal with Bandages. But Dance Hall is a fantastic song for when ya REALLY piss drunk and possibly angry. Bandages is good if your drunk and happy/crazy. I've only heard one place play Bandages before, and that was Shotz *nods head* I must go there with Monique some time.

Also, not tomorrow but the Friday next week.... REVENGE with a baseball bat!!!
Everyone must be there, I must be there. Engima Bar. 10pm. $5.
Valentine's Day   
02:07pm 15/02/2007
mood: hungry
Well Andrew isn't in any of MY classes, but he's in one of Lauras :| and worse, they are in the same group.
I've made a friend in my Specialist Maths class, and he's also in my Math Studies class. I notice in maths that everyone is slow at working out questions, I always seem to finish quickly which is normal in my old class. It used to be a race to be the first, but these classes I don't have any competition that I know of.
I've now made a friend in my Studies of Societies which I needed, because later in the year we have to do a group assignment. So I made a friend with a guy called Sam, there are only 2 guys in my Societies class. But I am the only girl in Specialist, which I'm used to and glad.
We aren't getting much homework at all, in any subject so far. We do have a maths test next week though, but that should be okay.

Also big news, I got my hair cut :O :O It's very different from before, seeing as before was just straight. I was so scared when the hairdresser was cutting it because I saw strands 6 inches long infront of me. But I'm very pleased with the outcome, it took me a little while to get used to.

Valentine's Day was yesterday, I received a card in the mail :) from Ian of course. I also sent him a card, and I bought Monique a gift coz she's never had a real Valentine. I got her 3 helium Valentine's Day balloons on a little weight. It looks really good, and the balloons last 7-10 DAYS, rather than the usual 7-10 hours! Krysten and I went to the casino last night too, I was going to wear my red dress but I was too embarrassed because we had to go to HCS first. The casino was fun, I had a few drinks, we won money, talked to strangers and there was a jazz band playing.

I have to work tonight, it's 37 degrees though :(

I MUST remember to give centrelink some form before Tuesday, so I can get backpaid youth allowance. Centrelink are SO annoying, I have to fill out 4 different forms, and I only have 2 of them so I have to call them and ask for the others to be sent. It's going to take ages to fill out. So annoying.
coincidence, I think not   
03:39pm 05/02/2007
mood: discontent

I went to Hamilton College this morning with Laura to enrol. As I was driving through the carpark I saw a car and thought "that looks like Andrews car, but it couldn't be.. there lots of those cars around it could be anyones" and OMG OMG OMG! *i looked like a stunned mullet* He then walks past!! So I yell "what the HELL are YOU doing here??" and he replied "going to class" ... WHAT CLASS?! WHY IS HE THERE?!

Okay okay, back to the beginning for a second. I met Andrew on the net, and met up with him soon after. I thought he was cool from the first time I met him. But after a little while, me and Monique went crazy because he just disappeared for days, so we sent Monique to his house to see if he was home. Because the whole situation seemed sus and unusual. But that screwed everything up royally, and he didn't ever want to talk to me again. So I was fairly cut by that.
But after a week or so, I get and sms from Andrew wanting me to go over there because he wasn't happy or something. So I rushed over there instantly, and we hung out. I was so happy he was talking to me again because I really liked him alot. Then he kissed me, and that surprised me alot, but I was really happy. I saw him the day after and we were hooking up like, the whole time (aswell as the day before).
But then he disappeared that night and the next day(a friday), I thought it was odd again but I didn't want to do anything rash. I check my email Friday night, and huh, there's an email from Andrew, how odd. I open it.. and it says he wants nothing to do with me, he inlove with his friend Charlie(a girl) and doesn't want to be with me, or see me or talk to me at all from then on!!
I went spastic! I was so fucking angry and upset, who is that cruel?! I was hurt more that he told me by email!! and he sent it the Thursday night.. so I didn't even know for a whole day until I checked my emails. I wasted so much money that day buying stuff for him, and then I get the email afterwards. I was so devo and pissed off. I replied to that email, asking to still be friends.. Because I really liked this guy and didn't want to lose him completely. No reply.

So I was really upset after this all happened for quite some time. I thought I had finally found someone fantastic and then they go do that to me.
After that happened I talked to mum and I talked to my friends. I started going to church and trying to make my life better than this. So I go to church every week now, and I thought I should finish year 12, forget about guys and just focus on myself for the year. As this is the year of jubilee.
I try to get away from the thought of him, but then he is there, at the school I want to go to.. What does that mean?! Is it a sign I shouldn't go there? or that maybe he is meant to talk to me again?
Why is he there? What if he is doing the same thing I want to do? What if he'll be in my classes? What then? I can't just sit in a room with him there if he doesn't talk to me, it will really kill me. What if we have classes nearby so we walk through the corridors the same time? If I see him around and he ignores me, it will crush me.

I guess time will tell if I see him around or not, but I'm doubting going there now. I wanted to go there to get away from him, but he is there. How ironic.
12:19am 03/01/2007

I like a guy called Chris. But he's a fucking dickhead.
I hope he chokes.
10:45am 01/01/2007
  Wow. Alot has happened since I last updated. I'll keep it short because I don't have much time, and I don't remember details well.

Me and Steve went to Melbourne for 4 days, it was wicked. I met some english backpackers, and Chopper.

I'm not going out with Steve or talking to him at all now.

Monique has a friend called Jed who was interested in me, I'm I wasn't too sure because he is a stoner and yeah..
I quit Hungry Jacks a couple weeks ago. I just stopped showing up.
07:14am 27/10/2006
mood: horny
On Friday the 20th, Steve had a party at his house. I went, it was really good. Me and Steve had been seeing each other a bit since the camp at Kuitpo Forest in the holidays.

Heather liked Steve, but he obviously doesn't like her.. because me and him are now going out.
He liked me at Cherrys party, but I had a boyfriend then so it wasn't possible. I also had a boyfriend at my party, so he was talking to Heather a bit. But that lead nowhere fast, and me and Steve hooked up at camp. We were both drunk though.

I liked Steve when I first met him months ago, before I met Simon, when him, me, Paul and Zach went swimming drunk at midnight then back to Steves. I slept in Steve's bed with him, but he didn't make any moves the whole night so I didn't think he was interested. So I met up with Simon the week after and ended up going out with him.

But now that both me and Steve are available and interested, all is good :)

Julie and Heather are really angry at me for seeing Steve, because Heather liked him. But if he was interested in Heather he wouldn't be with me. So it's not like I destroyed any possible relationship, so they have no reason to be angry. The only thing I may have done is let Steve have his preference, rather than second best.
04:22pm 05/10/2006
mood: angry
This song is one of my favourites and yet again it is exact for my situation, moreso than before.
Let me take this awkward saw
And run it against your thighs
Cut some flesh away
I'll carry this piece of you with me
Because all I can say tonight
is that I hate you
But it would be all right
If we could see each other sometime
If I could somehow make you mine
And if not I'll take my spoons
And dig out your blue eyes
I'll swallow them down to my colon
They're gonna burn like hell tonight
Because you're beautiful
Just not on the inside
Light comes from within
And your beaming eyes don't seem so bright
My heart is on the floor
Why don't you step on it?
When I think of all the things you've done
Boardwalks and breaking waves
Made our Saturdays
I'd buy you lemonade right now
if you were here
But then I'd throw it in your face
And I'd listen to you cry
And I'd remember how I miss
our nights under ocean skies
You and I are like when fire
and the ocean floor collide.
03:41pm 25/09/2006
mood: crushed
I haven't been on here for ages. I was so scared to update because I knew my last entries would have been so happy and it hurts so much to read them. The worst thing in the world has happened, Simon left me. Friday night after work he came over and told me. I am devastated. I don't know what to do. All day I've had that tight feeling in the back of my throat, all day. I had bad dreams last night. And I just have no one to talk to. I mean, there are people I can talk to about it, but I can't talk to them 24 hours a day. I was out with Monique today, but I got home at 2:30 and I've had no one to talk to since then and nothing to do. I haven't told everyone yet, it's so hard to tell people in person, because I just get so upset when I have to say it outloud. Every moment I'm by myself even if I'm only by myself for a few minutes, it kills me. I don't go to school anymore, theres nothing to fill every day up. I do work, but mostly nights, and the days are just so long and terrorfying. anyway im going to work now.
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08:59pm 30/07/2006
mood: happy
I've been working at Hungry Jacks still, they aren't closing yet.

I went to Simon's graduation for his personal trainer course, which was on Friday night. It was really good. It was formal so I wore the dress that Simon bought me, and I looked good :P Simon looked really good too. I had steak for dinner there which was yummy. It started at 6pm and we left around 10:30, but it still hadn't finished. We drove to Port Elliot straight from the graduation.

We stayed at the caravan park but in a cabin there. It was heaps of fun, we arrived fairly late so we just drank and we somehow managed to stay up all night talking til about 5:30, then I decided to sleep for about 2 or 3 hours.

On Saturday we bought chips from the fish and chip shop, then we went go-carting. It was fun but I managed to hit the only pothole 2 or 3 times and got splattered with muddy water, and it was slightly painful hitting a couple kerbs. I got a nasty looking bruise on my hip.

After that we went back to the cabin because I had to dry my clothes, then we went to the cinema and saw You Me & Dupree. It was funny.

After the movie it was dinner time, so we returned to the cabin and Simon cooked us dinner. It was really nice :) He also gave me a massage later on, which was good beside my bruises on my back and sides from the go-carts.

On Sunday we had to leave the cabin by 10, so we got Maccas for breakfast and then drove home.

Overall the weekend was fantastic :P I enjoyed it alot.
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07:20pm 12/07/2006
  All I've been doig recently is working at Hungry Jacks and Karrara, and sleeping.

Hungry Jacks is fairly easy, I'm getting used to everything that's done. I love getting paid on Wednesdays :) Even though I don't get paid much.. $7.806 an hour, it's still good.

But the Hungry Jacks I work at is closing for 8 weeks for renovations to the whole store. They close in 2 weeks on the 25th of July, which really sucks ass. I'm not sure if I'm going to get transferred to another store for that time or not, but it's not looking good.

I like Simon :)
I'm going to his course's graduation thingy. He bought me a dress for it, but I still need to find shoes and a necklace to match. Simon and I are going to Port Elliot afterwards for the weekend, it's going to be freezing, but fun!
What a weekend   
06:04pm 11/06/2006
mood: drained
This weekend is definitely the weirdest.

My car broke on Wednesday. The reverse stopped working.

On Thursday with me quitting school. Me and Monique then went to the city to hand resumes in places. I couldn't work Thursday because of my car. I got a call back from Hungry Jacks that same day as I handed in the application to go to an interview on Saturday.

Friday I returned my school books, and then went shopping at Marion with Cherry and Paul for a white top to wear to the interview. Us 3 and Zach went out that night, because I still couldn't work. So we went in Cherry's car. I volunteered to be designated driver because they were buying Bourbon, which I don't like. We went to Zach's mate's place and Cherry got pissed and ended up throwing up. But then the night ended badly with the police and ambulance being called. It was a long night. I drove Cherry home at about midnight and got my dad to pick me up from hers.

Saturday I took my car in to get fixed at 9:30. I had absolutely no money all weekend because every dollar I have I need to pay for my car. Ian drove down from Wagga for the long weekend so he came over to see me for a bit. He got some Hungry Jacks for lunch and we just sat around. I had my Hungry Jacks interview at 4:30pm which was really easy. I got the job. I have an induction or whatever Monday week. After that me and Matt drove to the city to meet up with Rebecca. We went to intencity and Rebecca stayed at mine for the night.

Sunday, which is today: my car still isn't fixed, so I'm not at work. Me and Rebecca went to the city to look around in Rundle Mall. I got home at 4:50pm. I'm about to go to Krysten's house for her movie night thingy. Just gotta eat some dinner first.
Tomorrow I have to see mum, and I get to see Simon that night because he gets back from Gawler :)

I'm in a good mood, this weekend has been really tiring though. It was a bit weird seeing Ian because I was very stand-off-ish because I'm with Simon now. I think that made him uncomfortable. It was good seeing him but he didn't seem happy. I think I understand.